Thai Green Chicken Curry

Chicken Parmagiana

A quick and easy version of a family favourite. We encourage the use of organic ingredients where possible.

Raw Carrot Cake

We have a soft spot for afternoon tea. Anni’s vegan take on this classic is best served with a dollop of cream and good company.

Mediterranean Stuffed Capsicum

A vegetarian meal fix made for the weekend! The Gemsita (stuffed peppers) heralds from the Mediterranean, and is a dish normally served in summer.

Paleo Pavlova

The taste of an Australian summer now with a paleo twist!

Lite Benedict Breakfast with Mock Hollandaise

Get off to a cracking good start at breakfast with Anni’s lite and creamy mock-hollandaise sauce.

Watermelon, Pomegranate and Pistachio Salad

Made from seasonal fruits, this festive salad is a mouthful of summer in every bite.

Creamy Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Healthy, simple and quick. A kitchen DIY the whole family can enjoy.


A delectable crowd pleaser, fit for dinner, lunch or an afternoon snack.

Avocado Wedges

Avocado wedges with a side of 100% organic, Australian made Tomato and Barbecue sauce!