Tomato Sauce

The vibrance of organic pepper enhances traditional tomato flavours to make this sauce a winner for all occasions.

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Filtered Water, Certified Organic Tomato Paste, Certified Organic Onions, Certified Organic Raw Sugar, Certified Organic Salt, Certified Organic Garlic, Certified Organic White Pepper, Certified Organic Cloves, Xanthan Gum, Acetic Acid and Citric Acid.

Recipe Idea

Italian Tomato & Chickpea Salad

The chickpea is such a versatile pea and provides a good quantity of vegetable protein, B group vitamins and many minerals including copper.


  • ¼ cup OZGANICS Italian Dressing
  • 2 large organic tomatoes
  • 1 punnet organic cherry tomatoes
  • 1 ½ cups organic chickpeas (cooked and cooled) or 1 x 440g can organic chickpeas (rinsed and drained)
  • ½ bunch of organic baby spinach
  • 1 clove organic garlic crushed
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • Salt & pepper



  1. Chop large tomatoes and put in a bowl. Slice cherry tomatoes in half and add to the bowl.
  2. With the exception of the basil leaves and salt and pepper, stir through all remaining ingredients including OZGANICS Italian Dressing.
  3. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
  4. Sprinkle finely sliced basil leaves over the top then serve.

Nutrition Table

Nutritional Information

Servings per package: 17.5 Serving Size: 20g

Average Quantity
(per serving)
Average Quantity
(per 100g)
Energy 67 kJ 336 kJ
Protein 0.3 g 1.3 g
Fat (Total) 0.0 g 0.1 g
– saturated 0.0 g 0.0 g
Carbohydrates 3.3 g 16.4 g
– sugars 3.2 g 16.1 g
Sodium 88 mg 440 mg



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