Pete Evans

Created by us for Pete Evans, the new all-natural range will kick-start your cooking preparation the right way and ensure your meals are as healthy for you as they are delicious. To ensure consistency of flavour and quality, the range will be prepared in batches in our Australian kitchens.

Launching in 2017, these healthy base meal solutions are packed with essential nutrients and are ideal for families looking to spend more time at the dinner table and less time in the kitchen!

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  • Thai green curry sauce

    With coconut, lemongrass and chilli, Pete Evans Thai Green Curry Sauce is a superb fusion of fresh exotic Thai ingredients traditionally prepared with white meats.

  • Butter chicken simmer sauce

    With turmeric, coconut and spices, Pete Evans Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce is delectably creamy and packed full of authentic Eastern flavour ideal for curries.

  • Jamaican simmer sauce

    With chilli, turmeric and allspice, Pete Evans Jamaican Simmer Sauce is light, tangy and packs a tropical punch well suited to stirfrys.

  • Moroccan simmer sauce

    With coriander, allspice and ginger, Pete Evans Morroccan Simmer Sauce offers a mild heat full of flavour from the orient making it ideal for slow cooker recipes.

  • Bolognese pasta sauce

    With vine-ripened Australian tomatoes, carrot and basil, Pete Evans Bolognese Sauce is rich and full-bodies, making it the perfect addition to your Italian meals.