Ozganics Quality

Our mission is to provide an uncompromising high standard of organic, healthy food to Australians,and the people of the world.

Our factory is situated in Murwillumbah, a rural town in the stunning Tweed Valley in Northern New South Wales. I’m proud to say, it maintains the only organically certified production plant of wet sauce lines in Australasia/Pacific region that is gluten, dairy and egg free. The factory is also certified Halal, Kosher*, WQA, HACCP and maintains 2 organic certification system registered with the Australian federal government: Organic Food Chain and Australian Certified Organic. You can read more about organics on our Why Organic page.

Today the factory employs over 20 members of the local community and produces over 26 different products under the Ozganics label. And we’re now exporting to over 20 countries around the world! To find a stockist of our products in Australia or overseas, go to our Where to Buy pages.

Where possible, Ozganics purchases Australian certified organic produce. If quantities are unavailable, I head further afield. As former director of a number of Australian Organic industry boards, I am well versed in international organic policy, procedures and standards and I personally research all incoming ingredients to ensure the credibility of their organic certification.

Ozganics develops and manufactures organic products for most major Australian supermarkets under Private Label agreements and was the first Australian organic manufacturer to make organic products for the Woolworths Macro organic brand.

frequently asked questions

What type of vegetable oil do Ozganics products use?

As your health is most important to us we use Certified Organic High Oleic Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil. High oleic oil has a very neutral taste, and most importantly is free from trans-fats and low in saturated fats.

Is the vegetable oil in Ozganics dressings and simmer sauces cold pressed?

Yes – we only use cold pressed, or expeller pressed, organic high oleic sunflower oil. This oil is extracted by a chemical free, high pressure method. No solvent is used in this method – so the oil retains its natural health giving goodness.

What type of vegetable oil do Ozganics products use?

Yes! All of our Ozganics range is free from dairy, egg and nuts. We use a special process to make our foods taste creamy, without the added allergens.

Which products are vegan friendly?

Most of the Ozganics range is suitable for Vegans – just ask the Sea Sheppard crew who are avid fans of Ozganics products. The exceptions are 2 products, which contain fish sauce.

They are:

Caesar Dressing

Thai Red Curry Sauce

Thai Green Curry Sauce

All other OZGANICS products are OK for a Vegan diet (even the creamy dressings – they are dairy free!)

Do Ozganics products have any Genetically Modified(GM) ingredients?

NO. We believe that Ozganics consumers are as passionate about clean, healthy food as we are! Ozganics products are free from GM – organic certification does not support ANY Genetic Modification. Organic certification is your assurance of food free from GM contaminates.

Why do you use sugar in your products?

We only use Certified Organic Raw Sugar. This sugar has retained most of its nutrients, as it is not highly refined. Organic Raw Sugar is used in Ozganics as part of the natural preserving process. Over the years, as we improve our manufacturing methods’, we have endeavored to reduce the amount of organic raw sugar in our products. We always look to Australia first for the source of our organic ingredients. However due to seasonal supply and quality, it is not always possible.

Are Ozganics food products made in Australia?

YES! We have our own factory in Murwillumbah, Tweed River Valley, NSW.

Where can I buy Ozganics organic foods?

All independent organic/health food stores, some IGA’s, good fruit markets and online – please see our “where to buy” link for further information.

I only use half a jar of Ozganics simmer sauce. How do I store the rest?

Ozganics Simmer sauces will keep for a few days once opened in the fridge. If you will not be using the sauce in that time, you can put the ½ empty jar into the freezer. Ensure that the cap is on and the jar is ½ empty. To use, place in the fridge overnight to defrost.